Signs That Your Car Needs Servicing

It is advisable to service your car regularly. Most of the cars come with a maintenance schedule that you are supposed to follow. Even with the service schedule, you can always see warning signs from your car. When your car is due for service, you will notice decreased performance.

Sticking to the maintenance schedule and using genuine car spare parts can help you to avoid repairs. You will be able to detect problems before they occur and solve them as early as possible.

Engine Light

car serviceIf you see a light on your engine, then it might be time for maintenance. An engine light shows that one of the parts might not be functioning as usual, and it is time for the car to be checked. For modern cars, you might see an engine light, but for the older cars, it might not be the case.

Once you take the car for diagnostics, you will know the specific parts of the car that need repair. The modern auto shops can see the condition of your car using a computer.


When your car is due for the repair, you might start hearing some noise. You might hear these noises when the car is running, and it might be an indication that your car needs to be checked.

The type of noise that comes from your car will give you a clue of the kind of problem with your car. Monitor the type of noise that you are experiencing and let the car mechanic know the type of noise.

Car is Not Running Smoothly

If you notice that your car is not running smoothly, there are chances that there is a problem with your car. You might notice problems when starting the car or when taking corners.

If you notice that your car is slowing down, it is time to go for a service. Slowed performance is a sign that your vehicle might not be running correctly.

car smoke

Smoke and Leaks

You might start experiencing smoke and leaks when your car is due for service. The smoke might be coming from the bonnet of your car. You will also experience leaks in case your cars need repair.

The leaks might be coming from the engine. When you see smokes and leaks, there are chances that your car is due for repairs.